ElaeoCarpus deliver tree and plant management services to an extensive array of clients from domestic to corporate.


All work conducted by ElaeoCarpus staff are to Australian Standard 4373 ensuring the best arboriculture practices are applied.


Our staff at ElaeoCarpus are experienced and highly trained. We undertake regular training to ensure the safest, most efficient and latest practices in operational techniques, environment and quality standards are met by all employees to provide the best outcome for our clients, the people moving through the open spaces and all environment ecology.


ElaeoCarpus’ operators ensure all potential risks are minimised as part of the planning process before any works are commenced. Safety is a priority in all scopes of our work.


Clients can be assured of safe and professional service supported by the adherence to nationally recognised safety and quality standards. All staff have a Job Safety Plan and Safe Working Manuals and briefed before any works are commenced.