Terminal 1 Outdoor Breakout Area 

T1 Outdoor Breakout Area






Landscape Architecture





Landscape Architecture







Melbourne Airport, Victoria, Australia






ElaeoCarpus were commissioned to construct an outdoor smoke designated area for staff and public use abutting terminal 1 at Melbourne Airport in Victoria Australia.


With the success of the first outdoor breakout area, ElaeoCarpus were to create a space with a similar theme to its predecessor and provide the high density terminal 1 area with a pleasurable oasis from the otherwise dense surrounds. We were able to create an open, secure environment providing a pleasurable experience to users of the site whilst ensuring areas adjacent to the terminal remain smoke free, whilst utilising a void underneath an overpass roadway.


The concrete base has been enhanced using 'spray-on' textures to soften the material in order to maintain a relaxing environment.


The vegetation selected become self-sufficient once they are established and provide excellent ambience to the space. The vegetation in use is the Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palm) providing deep green foliage . The site is protected from the cold winds with an artistic feature in three outputs along the timber fence on one side, and commercial grade glass on the other side.


The success of the outdoor breakout area has been so successful and was a space well overdue. The demand for the designated smoking area at terminal one has been phenomenal and another outdoor breakout area may be in the planning in the near future. This project was once again designed, constructed and maintained by ElaeoCarpus.