Docklands Rooftop Garden

Docklands Apartments Rooftop Garden



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Landscape Architecture








Docklands, Victoria, Australia






ElaeoCarpus were commissioned to design, construct and upon completion, maintain a high-end apartment complex rooftop garden in Docklands, Victoria, Australia. 


Prior to any works being undertaken, the site had been overrun with noxious weeds and of the surviving original plants which were planted, they were in very poor health due to poor vegetation selection for the challenging climatic conditions of the site. The existing site conditions had to be completely removed as well as the noxious weeds which thrived and established due to the frequent high winds which are common place in the docklands.


The client had issues for several years in having the site cleaned and removed due to the fact the rooftop garden was eighteen metres high and vehicle access on the site was not available. 


The team at ElaeoCarpus worked extensively to remove the existing site and create a site worthy of its location in as quick as possible for the residents of the premises.


The team at ElaeoCarpus had to erect a 'tunnel' of wide containers meeting our truck eighteen metres below as this was the only safe way to remove all of the existing debris.


The management team at ElaeoCarpus submitted a presentation to key stakeholders of the complex and upon consultation came up with a design to satisfy the needs of the stakeholders.


The planting layout was designed and selected to offer residents high above a strong visible colour scheme looking down below.


The vegetation selected become self-sufficient once they are established and provide excellent colour contrast to each other, as well as being well suited to the sites high winds and harsh environment.


The team at ElaeoCarpus installed an irrigation system and have set up a maintenance program to ensure future errors are not repeated.