Landscape Design

ElaeoCarpus is a multi-skilled practice, providing landscape design services specialising in the design of innovative and high quality residential and public spaces, with an interest in sustainability. We are particularly interested in the way in which people inhabit and use spaces.


We understand the importance of spaces in promoting physical and mental health, connections between people and the environment and the need for water sensitive urban design in an ever changing climate.


Our design projects seek to provoke a strong sense of place, stimulating community ownership and pride in the spaces we create.


We are in continuous dialogue with clients, communities, academics, and colleagues even after the design and construction process as we believe the built environment grows and evolves well after a space is constructed.


Our success is generated by an open based approach where our specialists range in fields to support and aid the design process and outcomes.


Whether your project is commercial or domestic, from masterplanning, image visualisations, documentation, housing developments, our team at ELCA will be able to cater to your design needs. 


We submit drawings for council submission, we provide expert VCAT representation at hearings for any developments with landscapes.

Contact us to enquire how we may be able to assist your design needs or project. 


Our services include:

  • CAD Drawings for Council Submissions, Town Planning and Permits  

  • Site Planning

  • Waterway & Wetland Design

  • Urban Design

  • Residential Design

  • Multi-Unit Developments

  • Residential Estates

  • VCAT Representation