Civil and Construction

At Elaeocarpus we provide comprehensive civil works to leading Australian organisations through our own personnel and fleet, and through carefully selected sub-contractors.


With an emphasis on service and delivery, building strong relationships has been essential for Elaeocarpus’ success throughout our diverse business networks.


Elaeocarpus take pride in ensuring that all materials and services provided are consistent with the client's agreed specifications.


Safety for employees and members of the public are of most importance to us and we also have a strong focus on the environmental impact our works may affect.

We have a range of employees to support all aspects of civil engineering and construction including, contract managers, project managers, foreman, plant operators, truck drivers, labourers and administrators.

We strive to meet all of our client’s expectations and create a satisfying and rewarding environment for all our employees to operate in.


Our services include:


  • Roads construction

  • Street re-construction.

  • Intersection treatments

  • Earthworks

  • Drainage construction and maintenance

  • Water sensitive urban construction such as rain gardens and bio-infiltration.

  • Concrete and timber structures

  • Installation of utilities and services

  • Building site works

  • Road shoulder maintenance.

  • Infrastructure Maintenance